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Training at ISHIGAKI

ISHIGAKI Traning is done. 5 day stay 4 peddling day🚵‍♀️ we pedal 154mi💪🏻 Pre hard season hot and moisture🔥🔥🔥 But good for summer race 👍🏻 Not fun peddling but come my training with together @yhrt197 🙇🏻 If not come I think only 100mi 🤔 Because you come I push hard 💪🏻 and special guest @moromee come joint traning🐓 I was really surprised to come here😵 You are the man🤙🏻 Last dinner is sooooo fun😂 #nishiki 's dish is super good😋 and #freestyleishigkijima have fantastic time⛴ Yessss!!! I can win next race🏁 You guys so cool @mao.nishihara @maruzo1224 @freestyleishigakijima and more MAN-chan NISHI owner🕺🏻

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